Open Mic Night

Date : March 27, 2013
Time : 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM


Wednesday, March 27 @ 7:30pm

Come out and join us for food, drink and some great local music - The last Wednesday of the month!

Open Mic Night with Ford Schumann is open to all ages.

To sign up for a time slot, or to request information, email Ford at



Open Mic Loose Rules:  Open Mic starts at 7:30 PM and ends around 10, after which there is a jam for about an hour. Email Ford and let him know your dream time slot. He’ll try to get you close to it. If he’s off by more than 45 minutes, he will let you know, but be sure to get here early to listen and support the other people and to make sure that you’ll be ready if the slot happens 45 minutes earlier than you requested.

They usually allow three songs or 15 minutes of music per slot, which ever happens first. Spoken pieces, such as poems, comedy and short acts such as juggling and magic are welcome but are limited to 5 minutes. Five or so mics are set up and instruments can be plugged into a direct line to the board. In order to keep the transition time to a minimum, if you have a complicated band, either try to make it simple (two drums instead of five), or arrive before 7:30 to set up part of your stuff and plan to take it down a bit at a time while the other people are getting on and off the stage.

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