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A home can be a house, an apartment, a workspace. A community.

The Garfield Center is blessed to have a permanent home that we can be proud of. Our building allows us to conduct the kind of business and activities that are not only important to us, but to our community as well. One of the keystones to a successful community is the expression of its arts and culture, and we know there is a strong desire in our community to support these things as an important part of our everyday lives in Chestertown and Kent County.

Our friends, family, neighbors, businesses, community organizations – they are all a part of what makes our home special. Building an enduring foundation through partnerships and relationships will help insure that our doors remain open to our artists and community.

The Garfield Center for the Arts’ rich tradition of community arts and education, its exceptional reputation as an arts producer, and its long-standing engagement of artists, volunteers and the general public – these are things we work hard to support and achieve every day of every month of every year. We cannot be who we are without the community around us, and we are proud to be a part of how our community self-identifies.


All of this requires support for incidental needs, our long term health and the growth of our organization. For example, in this past year we replaced our building’s air systems, began a restoration of our building’s historic decor painting, re-supplied our scenic building materials, brought back “Playmakers” – our youth education summer theatre camp – and brought you crowd-pleasing productions and music events, among other projects. We always have a lot of things in the works at the GCA, but like any other organization maintaining its own building, there have been unexpected and costly additions to our planning and spending.

We continue to nurture and support the arts and culture as a vital part of the quality of life we want in our community. We hope you would consider joining us, as a donor, in our effort to keep up this important, entertaining and educational work.

Steven Arnold
Executive Director

There are many ways you or your business can help our organization continue to provide outstanding programming to our community –

Sponsorship Opportunities – we are always looking for sponsors for our events.  Visit our Sponsorship page or call 410.810.2060 to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

  • Playmakers Scholarships -There are many children in our community who would like to participate in Playmakers’ Summer Camp, but cannot afford to do so.  For $500 you can sponsor a Playmaker for the entire summer camp experience! Donations for partial scholarships are also encouraged.
  • Program Book Ads – there are many opportunities throughout the year to place an ad in our program books and we offer ad sizes for every budget.  Visit our Program Book Ads page for more information.


Help keep the arts alive! Consider purchasing a Garfield Center Gift Certificate for a future performance!

Limited to 4 per person. Thank you for your continued support!


Or print out and complete our DONATION FORM.

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