For public safety, The Garfield Center has issued the following set of policies and protocols for patron attendance in 2021:

GCA’s Covid Reopening Public Safety Policies

The Garfield Center for the Arts is passionately committed to the safety of its patrons, volunteers and staff. The GCA thanks you for your understanding and support!


  • Common areas (bathrooms, box office, concessions, etc) will be cleaned and sanitized prior to the building opening to the public before each performance.
  • Plexiglass will be in place at the Box Office and Concessions windows.
  • House seating armrests will be sanitized before each performance.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in multiple locations, with an emphasis on the bathrooms, box office, concessions and on dedicated tables just inside the house area and in the balcony.
  • Patron social distancing will be emphasized in seating configurations, with the use of clustered seat sections, separated from one another, of various seat counts. Similar seating clusters will be created in the balcony by taping off sections of seats (signage will announce which seats are unavailable). Capacity limits, as determined by clustered seating, will be determined in advance of each season program.
  • Due to onstage proximity and activities, actors will be expected to be fully vaccinated prior to any involvement in a production. Controlled rehearsal rules for the cast and crew will emphasize performer safety, possibly including (but not limited to): participant temperature checks, adherence to cleanliness and sanitation guidelines, the controlled use of PPE (if necessary and for a particular reason), etc.
  • All production crew volunteers, house staff, box office personnel and GCA staff who are present will wear masks while in the building for performances.


Due to rising cases of the Delta variant, and because the vaccine is still not approved and available for young children, the GCA now requires all patrons, staff and house staff volunteers to wear a mask while inside the building. Masks are required regardless of your vaccination status.


The GCA’s policies and procedures are subject to change based on any new mandates, regulations and/or recommendations from Kent County, the State of Maryland, the Federal Government and/or the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). The GCA also reserves the right to make decisions based on the needs of our organization and staff.