A Land Twice Promised

TITLE: A LAND TWICE PROMISED on stage at The Garfield Center for the Arts July 19th.
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Israeli/Palestinian Drama comes to Chestertown, in the form of a one-woman show at the Garfield Center for the Arts. On Friday, July 19 world renowned storyteller, Noa Baum, will perform her original theatre piece that explores one of the world’s most enduring and explosive conflicts through the eyes of two neighbors living in California. Noa Baum believes “that once you really get to know someone and hear their story – they can no longer be your enemy. This performance stems from my experience as an Israeli having a dialogue and friendship with a Palestinian woman.” Baum acknowledges “It was not an easy process. Building trust took many years. We spent hours arguing and disagreeing, struggling with the voices we grew up with, the narratives we believed were The Truth. We learned that a little compassion could go a long way. It is my sincere hope that this evening will encourage you to seek out “the other” and listen to their story.”

A LAND TWICE PROMISED is directed by Lori Niemi and has been performed worldwide, to great acclaim. Event starts at 8pm, tickets are available through the Garfield Center’s Box Office: 410-810-2060 or boxoffice@GarfieldCenter.org; group rates and student discounts available. This event is made possible by the Hedgelawn Foundation and the support of local families. For more information about tickets and programming at the Garfield Center visit www.GarfieldCenter.org.

An enemy is one whose story we have not heard.”
Gene Knudsen-Hoffman

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Written and performed by Noa Baum
Directed by Loren Niemi

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