Posted: November 2, 2020

Recently, we became aware of a scam promoting a non-existent Vendor event that was supposedly to occur at the Garfield Center. The scam was inviting Vendor participants, via Messenger, to secure booth space by filling out an application and paying an advance registration fee. The application document that had been provided to a potential vendor does not contain any identifying Garfield Center logo, address or contact information, but the document easily looks legitimate enough to inspire a potential payment.

We are very upset on behalf of any potential victims of this scam. It is abhorrent to us that someone would take advantage of others, especially when victims may already be suffering potential hardships caused by the pandemic. We are also dismayed that the Garfield Center’s name has been used by criminals to help build a sense of legitimacy to this scam.

Because of these circumstances, we would like to remind the public that we have been closed due to the pandemic since March. At that time, we moved all programming to online streaming. We have had no public events in our facility since we closed, we are currently planning no public events to occur there and we have no timeline for reopening to the public for any reason.

Until further notice, if you receive any communication about an event that is to occur inside our building for any reason, consider that information to be false. While we do have online events coming up, tickets for online events will always be secured exclusively via the web ticketing service Eventbrite.

We hope this statement helps prevent anyone from being victimized by criminals using our name.

Thank you,
Steven Arnold
Executive Director

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